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The City of Slaton
130 S. 9th St.
Slaton, TX 79364
Ph: (806) 828-2000
Fx: (806) 828-2002
Vacation Home Watch
About the Program
The Vacation Home Watch is a free service offered by the Slaton Police Department. It is intended to give Slaton citizens peace of mind while they are away from home.

How the Program Works

Homeowners print and complete a Vacation Home Watch Application, which allows the department to collect necessary information so the patrol officers may know the circumstances at the residence. The application should then be delivered in person by the homeowner to the Slaton Police Department.

While the homeowner is away, a patrol officer will make a check of the residence at least two times per day until the homeowner returns. During the check, the officer will walk around the residence to make sure that the home is secure and other things seem to be in place.

If an emergency arises, the homeowner or emergency contact person listed on the application will be notified immediately.

Homeowners contact the Police Department upon their return home to advise the department to close out the application.

Filling out the Application
Information requested on the Vacation Home Watch Application includes:
  • Homeowner contact information
  • Emergency contact information
  • Location of lights left on
  • Descriptions of vehicles, if any, that will be parked at the residence
  • Names of individuals allowed at the residence while the homeowner is away