Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement, working in partnership with the people of Slaton, provides education and enforcement to promote and maintain a safe and desirable community consistent with health and safety regulations.

We focus on neighborhood blight and the investigation and abatement of complaints involving:

  • Land use (zoning)
  • Property conditions
  • Abandoned / Junk Motor Vehicles
  • Signs
  • Fences
  • General public nuisances
  • Dangerous Structure Abatement
  • Environmental Health Inspections

Code Enforcement also actively coordinates interdepartmental, interagency, and citizen participation in improving the quality of Slaton neighborhoods.

Rebecca Britton, Code Enforcement

130 S. 9th St.
Slaton, TX 79364

Ph: (806) 828-2000

Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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