Street & Sanitation

Recycle Center

Residential Only: 2 free dumps per month, with an annual maximum of 12


Hours of Operation

Tuesday: 8am-4pm
Thursday: 8am-4pm
Saturday: 8am-4pm

Tuesday: 7am-3pm
Thursday: 12 noon-8pm
Saturday: 8am-4pm

Tuesday: 8am-4pm
Thursday: 8am-4pm
Saturday: 8am-4pm

Commercial and Non-Resident Rates

  • Pickups and small trailers up to 8 feet – $15
  • Medium trailers 8 feet – 12 feet – $25
  • Large trailers 12 feet – 16 feet – $32
  • Bobtail trucks and trailers over 16 feet – $40

Tires without wheels will be accepted at the City’s disposal cost per tire plus a $4.00 handling charge per tire.

Acceptable / Unacceptable Items
To see a list of the acceptable and unacceptable items, please view our Recycle Center and Collection Station Guide.

Sanitation Rates

Street and sanitation fees shall be assessed and collected as listed below. Other rates are set by the City Administrator or his designee and are based on specific demand. Any such rate may be appealed to the City Commission.


  • Street – $15.00
  • Sanitation – $20 plus state tax*

Commercial (Best Rate Minimum)

  • Street – $15.00
  • Sanitation – varies depending on the number of containers and the number of pickups plus sales tax*

*Sanitation rates are subject to 8.25% state sales tax.

More Information
For more information, call the Street and Sanitation Department at (806) 828-2007.

Street Sweeping Schedule

This schedule is only a guideline. The City of Slaton Street Department uses the guideline to ensure that the City streets are swept at least four times a year during the spring, summer, and fall. The sweep is usually done in March, May, July, and September. Weather conditions and breakdowns will affect our schedule.

  • Ward One – First week of the month
  • Ward Two – Second week of the month
  • Ward Three – Third week of the month
  • Ward Four – Fourth week of the month

More Information
For more information, call the Street and Sanitation Department at (806) 828-2007.

Trash Pick-up Schedule

Allied Waste
Allied Waste is contracted with the City of Slaton for trash pick-up. To contact them, please call (806) 763-8124.

Residential Pick-up
Allied Waste uses 9th Street and Division Street as the dividing lines for pick-up. The trash pick-up is as follows:

  • Monday – Southwest corner of town
  • Tuesday – Northwest corner of town
  • Wednesday – Southeast corner of town
  • Thursday – Northeast corner of town

Business Pick-up
Business pick-up is as follows:

  • Three days a week Type – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    Two days a week Type – Monday and Friday

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